Security accounts in Kubernetes

Accounts in K8s
  • User account:
    - Used by humans.
    - Admin role: to perform admin tasks.
    - Developer role: to access the cluster and deploy apps.
  • Security account:
    - For automated tasks, by machines.
    - A monitoring app like Prometheus uses service account to poll k8 metrics or logs to come up with performance metrics.
    - An automated build tool like Jenkins uses service account to deploy app on the cluster.

On creation of service account a token is created automatically:
- Command to view the token (See Tokens section):

The above token can be used by the external apps for authentication of kube-api as a bearer token.

Token is stored as a secret object.

Command to view the secret object:

We can get the secret name from ‘Tokens’ section of service account

Steps to create a service account:

  • Create a service account.
  • Assign role based permissions/access control mechanisms.
  • Export the token.
  • Use it in external app while making kube api requests.
  • If the external app itself is hosted in Kubernetes cluster, the exporting can be made simpler by mounting the secret as a volume to the application.

To view the secret files in the pod (which has secret mounted as volume):

  • Command to get into the pod: kubectl exec -it <pod-name>.
  • ls /var/run/secrets/, we will find ca.crt, namespace, token files.
  • cat /var/run/secrets/, we will be able to see the token content.

Default service accounts are mounted automatically to every pods, which has limited permissions.

To assign a service account: spec/serviceAccountName: <service a/c name>

To prevent kubernetes from automatically mounting default service account, set spec/automountServiceAccountToken: false



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